“Michael Kennedy and Capital Focused have been my financial planner for many years. Together, we have been able to put in place a retirement investment that achieves both my need for security as well as growth potential. Michael has proved capable of seeking alternative forms of investment to maximise growth without compromising a cautious need for security.”
Warren Brown
“In the many years I have known Tom Dawe, he has always acted in a professional and diligent manner. He has wide experience in the financial services industry and is highly respected among his peers.”
Peter Rawle
“John Schaab and Capital Focused have been my advisor for many years and I have full confidence in their ability and advice. To many people like myself, financial affairs are a complicated and tedious necessity but to John they are a passion.”
Margo Cross
“Michael Kennedy has an aptitude for understanding our financial position and finding solutions to our financial needs. While it is obvious he uses his expertise and detailed research to do this, his advice is always delivered in a concise and easy to understand manner. Michael has been our advisor for a number of years and has become more like a trusted knowledgeable friend.”
Desiree Dauth
“Tom Dawe and Capital Focused provided direction for my retirement planning that was significantly beyond my ability and experience.”
Allan Parnell
“I’ve been dealing with John Schaab and Capital Focused for the past seven years and in that time he has guided me through several major financial decisions and helped me grow a very healthy share portfolio. John is always easy to contact, easy to deal with and explains things in a way that even I can understand. I would recommend John to anyone (I actually have a couple of times).”
PJ Simmons
“Michael Kennedy and Capital Focused have always been an amiable, professional advisor to me, even during my transition where I personally went from having a lot of money, to a position where I was faced with very little. His advice and friendship throughout this period has enabled me to achieve a lifestyle in Europe that I could only have dreamed of. He is always available and treats you as a friend not just a client. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”
Sue Lyndon
“As I understand nothing about finances apart from having sufficient funds to pay ongoing bills and a few leisure commitments, as well as “necessary” trips East, I am more than happy that my son recommended John and Capital Focused to me (also saves him headaches). I have appreciated John’s friendly approach, the fact that he took the trouble to learn some of my family interests, the monthly updates and even that he thinks I might take the time to do some of the “recommended” reading. That content is John’s department and part of the reason why I have so much trust in him.”
Julie, aged 77, single pensioner
“Of the hundreds of Financial Planning Professionals with whom I’m well acquainted Tom Dawe and Capital Focused is at the top of the list. Tom’s personal and professional attributes are many. In my view the most important is his humanitarian like approach to both personal and business interactions.”
Christopher W. Mullins